Yarn care

Caring for Your Natural Yarn

We love working with natural fibers and we think you will too. Natural yarns require care to keep them looking amazing, but if you care for them correctly, your projects will last a really long time! Always wash wool and alpaca in cool water without agitation. You can use a lanolin-based wool wash such as Eucalan or Soak to help recondition your wool. Always lay your projects flat to dry, never put a wool garment in the dryer (unless you want felt). Alpaca and Angora blend yarns have a tendency to pill because of the nature of the fiber. This is normal and these pills are easily removed with a sweater comb. 

Preparing To Use Your Yarn

All Coates & Co. Fiber yarns are tied in skeins and must be wound into a ball or cake prior to using. Please wind your yarn with care to prevent breaks or unwanted brushing. Alpaca blends are a little more fragile and require a little extra TLC to ensure a beautiful product (it's totally worth it though).

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